Find out how to link your Twitch account to get FGS players. FIFA Global Series (FGS) are FIFA 22 competitions broadcast on Twitch, the latter allow you to get players through the technique to link its Twitch account and EA. You are explained here how to link his Twitch account to his EA account to get them.

Updated : Update Monday, October 18th. The competitions will begin soon, allowing to get FGS tokens.

Create a Twitch account

To link your account, the first step is to create a Twitch account. For that, simply go to the following address: Create your Twitch account.

Note that you do not need to download the Twitch application (on Mobile or PC) to register and use the platform.


To link an EA account to Twitch, simply connect to your account on the main page of Twitch. Then click on your icon, turn to right of the screen. There, head in the Settings option.

Twitch> Settings> Connections> EA> Connect to your EA account

There, click the Connections option to discover all the possible connection options via Twitch. If you use the application, it should automatically detect all installed games with a connection system (EA,, Riot Games for example).

All you need to do is click on the SE Connect button to link your EA account to the Twitch account.

You can also click on this link (potentially in English) to check if the connection between the two accounts has been performed.

Note that if you have already realized the technique to link its Twitch account and EA in the past, you will not need to start the operation again to get the tokeys of players.

How to get Twitch Packs?

Once your accounts are linked, it was possible on FIFA 20 and FIFA 21 to get exclusive Twitch packs every month with the Prime Gaming subscription (Old Twitch Prime). For the moment, nothing has been communicated for FIFA 22.

Nevertheless, if you have a subscription to Amazon Prime (so premium gaming), we recommend that you monitor the offers around FIFA 21.

How to win FGS players tokens for was looking at streams?

At each official FIFA Global Series competition on Twitch, fans will be able to win FG players by looking 60 minutes from Stream.

To get youers players, you must be connected with your Twitch account with a link with your EA account (the previous manipulation) but it also takes that the Twitch channel has drop.

For this, simply check as the Stream, that the bonuses are activated. On the official Stream EA, a message should also indicate that your EA account and well linked to your Twitch account (see the image above).

No token player received after looking at a stream FIFA Twitch

So it s a question asked by many players since the launch of this system by EA. Despite the related accounts and the confirmation that the Drop Stream of Tokens, the players received nothing after an hour.

Do not panic because EA confirmed that FG players could put up to a week to arrive !

What can we win by looking at the FIFA Global Series on Twitch?

Unlike last year s Twitch Drops, EA has changed its system by offering FGS exchanges. The idea is therefore to be able to exchange tokens obtained by looking at the competitions on Twitch, against packs to choose from FIFA 22.

You can find all the packs to get on the FIFA DCE Exchanges tab 22. Note that the total token will be limited each season on the mode was FIFA 22.

Here for our guide explaining how to link his Twitch account to his account EA in order to win FGS player tokens on FIFA 22. You can find the full list of different DCE Live for the mode FIFA 22 on our list of challenges of creation D Team (DCE) active.