Football is a result sport, which also knows Eberl, but for the classification of services he prefer to look beyond the naked result. And so uncomfortable the sports director – as without exception all Borussen – felt with the 1: 1 against the replacement of Stuttgart, so satisfied, he showed himself with the general occurrence of the team on Saturday. Personally, I find that the result does not reflect the game, said Eberl s verdict and led the points with which he agreed. We played a lot for 90 minutes. We went a lot. We have invested a lot. We were active, have found solutions, failed forward. The expression of this dominance was, among other things, the goals statistics of 31: 5 in favor of the Borussen. Whereby Eberl really grabbed: This very clear goalkeeper was often not there.

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The opponent has defended without mistakes. In football, mistakes pass to goals – Stuttgart has no one.

Max Eberl

The fact that playful superiority did not lead to a second goal is certainly the most important criticism that the team must arrive. What was also due to Eberl on the good defensive performance of the guests. The opponent has defended without mistakes. In football, mistakes happen to goals – Stuttgart did not do it. At the long end may be too little jumped out for the operated effort, but we like to take the one point, said the VFL manager.

Being exactly where we have stopped before the country break

Eberl would like to have seen a continuation of catching up in the table, but due to the 90 minutes he did not want to rate the 1: 1 against the VFB in no way as a setback. Rather, as an indication that one is on the right path after the victories over the Champions League participants Dortmund (1: 0) and Wolfsburg (3: 1). Our performance, says Eberl s conclusion, has just touched where we have stopped before the country break.