The last brilliant pokemon to come pokemon go is weird. The players will run for a good part of the week, adding this new Pokemon to their collection. Players are also curious about how they should evolve and how they need to evolve. They have the choice between Vileplume and Bellossom, and both are excellent choices.

Do you have to choose VilePlume or Bellossom in Pokemon Go?


Vileplume is the classic evolution of Oddish. It appeared for the first time during the first generation. In pokemon go, you will find that this creature has a maximum attack power of 202, with a defense of 167. Its global endurance can reach 181, with a maximum CP of 2559. It is a grass and poison type, Which means he will count on having resistance against the poison to give him a boost of a bellup, which is purely of the Grass type.

The best movements you can find for this creature are Razor Leaf and Sludge Bomb movements. Overall, the attack will be stronger but less powerful Defense. It s also much bigger.


When the second generation arrived, the trainers had to choose to optimize their appearance in Bellossom, a more pretty Pokémon of the grass type than the vileplume with a flower. In POKEMON GO, you should know that the maximum attack of this Pokémon reaches 169, its defense is 186 and its endurance of 181. It can reach a maximum of PCs 2281. This is a type of type. Type. Grass pure, which means that poison attacks will inflict more damage, vileplume.

Although it is pure grass type, Bellossom can learn acid, which is useful. He can also learn Leaf Blade, who is one of his best movements. Overall, his defense is greater than that of Vileplume, with an attack and a lower PC. When Bellossom is in sunny weather, he will receive a boost

Which do you choose?

Overall, more trainers will choose Bellossom rather than Vileplume. While Vileplume could have a more intense attack, the potential movements of Bellossom will benefit the most. You can acquire it to learn the acid, the sheet blade, the razor sheet, the petal blizzard or the dazzling shine. Depending on your goals, you can choose the best combination of these choices. Some of the best in terms of damage go to Acid with Leaf Blade and Razor Leaf with Leaf Blade.

How GOOD was Bellossom ACTUALLY - History of Bellossom in Competitive Pokemon

You can always choose to go both, however, if you catch two shiny oddish Pokemon Go. You may want to choose Bellossom as the first choice, especially if you start running out of your backpack.