Rol Critico is expanding to a new territory: the world of video games. Variety presented recently Rol critical The growing digital empire, which focuses on a weekly Calaboons and dragons campaign played by a group of voice actors. As rol critical has expanded, so you have the opportunity to expand to other genres: the franchise currently has a series of animated adult television that will be launched on Amazon Prime in early 2022 and is also about to launch a novel for Young adults in the coming weeks. However, the variety function contained surprising news: the company plans to present its characters in a video game.

According to the report, the talks between Critical and several studies and publishers of games are found in the early stages. And in what can be one of its closest major brand extensions, you are working on a critical role video game. We have to be very particular about what that means and who are the partners, says Matthew Cohen, an agent from the Department of CAA Games who works with Critical Role, in the report.

The Liam O Brien cast member also noted that he should not wait for a game soon, affirming that developing a video game takes an eternity, especially if you want it to be something great.

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Given the background of rol critico for the cast, a videogame is not exactly surprising. All the members of the cast have acted at at least some popular videogames, with Laura Bailey and Ashley Johnson standing out as two of the most prolific video game actors associated with the program. And give critical The focus on expanding the fictitious world of Exandria in which D & D games are developed, a Critico video game seems a good way to attract a hearing that may not understand the attraction of seeing a weekly game of D & D 4 hours on twitch.

Meanwhile, rol critical continues to increase its association with Wizards of the Coast, the editor of Calabozos and dragons . A new long-term campaign adventure set at Exandria titled Make the Netherdeep will be launched at the end of this year.