The brand new MMORPG of Kakao Games is about to arrive in the West, and many gifts are planned for its launch. ELYON will celebrate his arrival with Twitch drops to recover by following a Streamer. Once you have linked his Twitch and Kakao Games accounts, just look at the creator of content, or leave it in the background, in order to get loots at stake.

When and how to get rewards?

As of October 20, all those who bonded his TWITCH account and Kakao Games may attempt to obtain exclusive rewards on ELYON . Recently spent in Free-to-Play, in addition to seeing its offbeat release date, many gifts are planned on the Amazon platform. Visit Twitch from Tuesday, October 20 to follow the Streamers at stake and improve your experience.

  1. Link your Kakao Games and Twitch account on the dedicated page
  2. Watch 3:00 ELYON content or more on Twitch (Check that the channel has the DROPS activated)
  3. Claim the reward in Twitch boards

All Twitch Drops and Rewards on ELYON

The booties available on Twitch are both cosmetics and practical. This can thus find inventory extensions, wings or a blessing of the star (a weekly boost with rewards) . If you have to look at 9:00 am content to get all Twitch drops on ELYON , bonus gifts persist for those following with more crazy content creators.

3H00 viewing – Watching growth support box
Fighting Tiger Potion
XP of Mana – 1000 (limited time)

Magic Stone Box
6H00 viewing – Inventory location extension +8

Elyon Cinematic Trailer
9H00 Viewing – Glorious Wing Flight Combination

Bonus Rewards –
Luminus selection box (grade 1)
Storage location extension +7
Inventory location extension +8
Blessing of the star (7 days)
Safe improvement tool
Refined stone of weapon improvement
Refined stone of armor improvement
Improvement stone selection box