It has been a difficult week for Twitch. The massive transmission website was not only prey to a substantial hack earlier this week, but said Hack resulted in a series of important information pieces that fell into the audience. Now, to make this week even more stressful for Twitch, it seems that another new trick has arisen, although this new gap is apparently intended to control the website rather than causing real damage.

Throughout the last day, numerous Twitch users have begun to notice that the images of certain games on the platform have been completely removed. Instead, a photo of Amazon s former executive director, Jeff Bezos, was discovered, making the gesture pogchamp . If he is not familiar with what the emote of Pogchamp is, essentially, is an image of a person with his mouth open, generally bewildered by whatever he is seeing. This image of bezos was one that appeared as a header image for numerous twitch games, including grand theft auto 5 , apex legends , minecraft and many others.

More Twitch pranks are underway. All the heading images of the game directory in the Twitch web version now show a close-up image of Jeff Bezos. It has been the case for the last 2 hours.

  • Aneternalenigma (@Aneternallenigma) October 8, 2021

At this time, there are many things that we do not know about this strange situation. To begin with, it is difficult to know if this trick was in conjunction with which it occurred for Twitch earlier this week. In addition, it is also unknown if this matter arose as a result of an attack first. Some have suggested that it could have been the result of a storage problem associated with Twitch.

However, whatever the truth of the matter, this problem has been corrected by Twitch shortly after it was discovered. While there are still numerous videos and screenshots on the Internet that prove that this situation involved with bezos occurred first, the underlying reason behind all terrible experience is not really known.

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