Twitch has become a victim of a huge leak. On Wednesday, it had become known that countless internal details of the streaming platform have been disseminated in an over 100 GB record on the Internet. In a current blog entry, the developers express themselves to the incident. We have found that data has been spread on the internet, which can be returned to a faulty twitch server configuration, to which third-party access has gotten. The developer teams would work with high pressure to examine and educate the incident.

The research is running. We are in the process where we need to understand the impact in detail. But we also know that this situation causes concerns , supplement the developers. In the Twitch blog, info updates should be published continuously to keep users up to date. At the current time you have no knowledge that the leak may have been stolen sensitive login data. We continue our investigations, says the developers. Nevertheless, it is certainly advisable to set new passwords at Twitch

In the recent blog entry, the streaming platform supplements all stream keys of the user. A new stream key can be requested via the Dashboard area of ​​the website. The big leak caused horror for security experts. Twitch must now bring his app security to the next level.

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From David Martin
07.10.2021 at 11:40