Twitch (también conocido como Twitch.TV) es una plataforma perteneciente a Amazon, Inc., que permite realizar transmisiones en vivo. Esta plataforma tiene como función principal la retransmisión de videojuegos en directo, un campo en el que tiene como competidor a YouTube. Presentado como un subproducto de otra plataforma de streaming de interés general, el sitio principalmente se enfoca a los videojuegos, incluyendo playthroughs de juegos jugados por usuarios, transmisión de eSports, y otros eventos relacionados con los videojuegos. El contenido del sitio puede ser visto en vivo o bajo demanda.
A mediados de 2013, el sitio conseguía un promedio de 43 millones de espectadores por mes, y para febrero de 2014 fue considerada la mayor fuente de tráfico en internet en los Estados Unidos. Al mismo tiempo, la matriz de fue renombrada Twitch Interactive para representar el cambio en sus prioridades(diepiify). fue cerrado en agosto de 2014.[1]​[2]​
En septiembre de 2014, Twitch fue comprado por Amazon por 970.482.567 USD.[3]​

The Twitch Streamer Katyln Amouranth Siragusa (27) is the largest streamer on Twitch. She says: She was now banned by Twitch, Instagram and Tiktok. But that is not so wild. You have more than ten million US dollars, maybe you just go in pension.

This is Amouranth :

The 27-year-old is currently the most watched streamer on Twitch. It is on 51 51 at the most watched channels of the last 7 days. On Twitter she has 1.7 million followers, where she likes to post photos of itself in underwear.
On Twitch, Amouranth was already banned several times: the current spell is her fifth. In June 2021 she was banned for an ASMR stream: There they licked microphones. Because they presented their butt of the camera, she collected a spell. That is forbidden. In the meantime, there were bizarre performances from her where they rolled around with a bird mask on the bed.
Reasons for your new spell does not call them. She says: After her bird mask debacle, she had been tame.

W E E Long does the spell of Twitch? The length of the ban is unknown, just like the reason. Neither Twitch nor Amouranth have revealed details of the ban.

However, the first notes suggest that this spell is only temporary on Twitch. Because Amoruanth remains twitch partner. With a permanent spell, as with Indiefxx, the partner status is usually removed.

Priest say: I do the work of God

That says Amouranth on the grounds of the ban: Amouranth says in an Ironian YouTube video, she can not explain the spell. In the last streams, she had been unusually tame.

You have received many letters of priests you said, you inspire your Christian works and do the work of God. Therefore, they also plan a nuns video.

Amouranth continues to make fun of the problems funny, the Twitch (Hack) and Facebook (Down) lately had: The companies went up in flames, but one would still find the time to ban Amouranth.

But she points out that the Twitch Leak had brought to light, as terribly underpaid she was and hope when she returns to Twitch again would flow the donations.

After all, it is only place in 48 the highest paid streamer, as it has to go upwards, otherwise the homelessness would be threatened.

Maybe I ll just be an anonymous tenfold millionaire

It says halfway seriously: The art figure Amouranth is a quite troll that makes himself regularly funny about his own image and behavior as a half-naked e-girl .

In addition to this art figure , the streamer operates a private twitch account. There she sounds very different. There she says to her spell: It feels bizarre to be thrown by all platforms . You have so much energy, but no platform.

Financially, she is fine. They consider to be in pension at an early stage and be an anonymous tenfold millionairein.

The streamer Amouranth is always busy with the bizarre role as e-girl she plays on Twitch. There would also be many prejudices, she says:

Streamer answers as a girl on Twitch s enough to be pretty