For the fifth time in his retransmissions career, Kaitlyn «Amouranth» SIRAGUSA has been exposed once again to Twitch. The transmission platform started Amouranth from the site to close this week, although at that time it was not given a reason for the decision. In addition, it is not safe at this time if Amouranth can return to Twitch in the future or, on the other hand, this prohibition will be permanent.

Amouranth s most recent ban for Twitch spread specifically on the afternoon of October 8. Not long after the prohibition became public, social networks exploded with speculations about what the often controversial streamer could have done this time to justify boot. However, according to AMOURENTH itself, she is not sure what she did. She in a video She shared on her s YouTube channel today, she spoke about the situation and said that she still does not know why Twitch chose to get her out of the platform. While much of the video she shared was ironic, she did not provide any remarkable context on why the prohibition occurred. Instead, she only informed fans about where they can follow it in the future.

Amouranth says its too close to p*rn

❌ Twitch Partner «Amouranth» (@amouranth) has been forbidden! ❌Https: // NervousContraction Prohibition FifThban pare Share ????

  • Streamerbans (@streamerbans) October 8, 2021

Perhaps the most interesting part of this fifth Prohibition of Twitch for Amouranth is that it was not the only platform in which he was banned the day before. In addition to his Twitch channel was eliminated from existence (at least for the time being), he was also vetoed from Tiktok and Instagram. At this time, the only important social channel that you have left is Twitter, where she simply published that she was banned everywhere. However, the prohibitions in question did not seem to bother it, probably because she knows that, indirectly, prohibitions only attract more attention to her platform.

What do you think that amourent will be expelled from twitch? And do you think it will only be a matter of time until she is allowed to return to the platform? Share your thoughts with me in the comments or Contact me on Twitter in @ mooreman12.