The Twitch Streamer of Jenelle Indiefxx Dagres was locked 6 times from the platform for 2021 alone. The last spell, however, is now permanently as she says. Your consequence: Now stream up to YouTube.

That s the situation:

Indiefx is known for your rather revealing content and mastering the hot-tub meta . This ensured a lot of turmoil, even among other streamers.
In the course of the year, IndiefXX 6 Banns received from Twitch, sometimes only a few days away from each other. The last spell came on June 29th.
On social channels, the streamer now shares: The last spell was permanently. From now on you can find on YouTube.

This is now about IndieXX: With the last spell of Twitch, IndiefXX was additionally deprived of the partner status. Afterwards, it was largely radio stylish from it in terms of twitch.

Incidentally, reasons for their banns were never specifically mentioned.

In a new tweet, Indiefxx now revealed that it will stream on YouTube Gaming. She has her first stream on Saturday, October 9 on her youtube channel Jenellecat.

The streamer closes with some other names, which also moved to YouTube. However, the others are primarily known shooter streamers who migrate from Twitch to YouTube. In most of them, no banners are preceded.

Who is the streamer? Indiefxx has strongly polarized in its time on Twitch. With over 2 million followers, it has built up a considerable fan basis. For critics and other streamers, however, they came more frequently into the crosshair for their type of stream.

Often in freedomous clothing, Indiefxx on Twitch mostly showed itself in the Hot Tub section, where they chat with spectators. The entire category is controversial because it seems to be in the foreground Sexualized Content

By the way, IndieXX did not belong to the absolute top earners on Twitch, contrary to the acceptance of many critics. Nevertheless, what she did, is not for many in a good light.

Sexualized content in criticism

Known female sizes such as pokimans criticize that such revenue streams on Twitch made both possible, as well as tolerated and offered. She says such content is a danger for the future of Twitch. It also states by users: Streamer as Indiefxx ruin Twitch for all women.

A big criticism is also the way Twitch handles the banns. According to some streamer, politics taught the impression that it would be measured with two degree. Streamers like Indiefxx got only short banners, while it gives much harder penalties for supposedly more harmless things.

Even for the image of female streamers, the whole section is not good. Just because some streamers do that, the other streamers brings into a situation in which they experience bullshit, criticizes the streamer Qtcinderella.

In the meantime, however, Twitch seems to be more and more proceeding against Content Creator, which the rules of allowed allow too much. Another, well-known name in the sector is about Amouranth. This is especially known for your ASMR content. Amouranth received a spanny in June that she licked her microphone. That was obviously too far.