Twitch has actually reacted to reports that a massive data leak has actually happened, confirming that such a leak did, actually, happen.

first reported that an anonymous cyberpunk posted a 125GB link to 4chan earlier today full of customer details, payment quantities, source code, exclusive services, and also extra. The publication confirmed that those data posted on 4chan were downloadable, and also it received word from an confidential company that the files were legit. Still, without official word from Twitch, it had not been validated.

We can confirm a breach has actually taken area. Our groups are collaborating with seriousness to recognize the degree of this. We will upgrade the area as quickly as added info is readily available. Thanks for birthing with us.

— Twitch (@Twitch) October 6, 2021

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Currently, Twitch has actually verified that the leak is real, which means the personal information of millions is around available for download. According to, all of Twitch s source code was dripped, including comment background returning to its early beginnings. Furthermore, streamer payment numbers from 2019 were dripped, as were Twitch s very own internal security devices, proprietary services, and a lot more.

Primarily, all of Twitch has been leaked. If you re reviewing this and also have a Twitch account, now would certainly be a blast to change your password and also make it possible for two-factor consent.

At the time of this writing, Twitch has only made that a person tweet in feedback to this leak, although it does claim that it will certainly update the neighborhood when even more details is provided. According to, the leaker mentioned that this 125GB leak is the first component of more web content they have intended to leak, although they didn t state what the added web content is and when it could be released.