That the video games are culture is something that should never be taken into account as a discussion, because it is a novity. Even so, there are still those who doubt that they are, using banal examples and exceptional ignorance about the goodness and possibilities of the sector. Fortunately, sometimes, the sector is valued in its proper measure, and that makes us smile.

A few hours ago, the Government of Spain has launched a proposal to offer a cultural bonus to young people who reach 18 years. If approved, you are still in process this bet, people suitable for this measure will receive a 400 euro bonus with which to spend this money in any cultural medium.

Initially, it was talked about that this would allow young people to consume any scenic artistic activity as cinema, theater or music, as well as being able to buy books or discs. But there was the doubt of whether videogames would enter the equation; Something that would be logical considering that are part of the portfolio of the Ministry of Culture and Sports , and that recent years are offering modest subsidies to promote the Spanish video game industry.

Your brain on video games | Daphne Bavelier
Finally, and according to means as a chain to be, video games will be included in the cultural bonus that the Government proposes . It was mentioned that the bulls would also be, but finally the Minister Mquel Iceta has said that will not be like that.

With video games within this proposal to support culture, it is pending to know if the Streaming platforms such as Netflix, HBO or Disney Plus would enter as part of these aids.