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Wow: These are the most popular classes in mythical plus

At the start of the third mythical plus season in WoW: Shadowlands, players had to adjust to some innovations that had a massive impact on the strength of the respective classes and specs. On the one hand, we were given the opportunity to create a second legendary, on the other hand, the animal sets returned into the game. Both not only ensured that the DPS and HPS have exploded, but also for a decent shift in the individual playing methods. Classes that were hardly taken to higher keys in Season 2 are suddenly desperately sought. Others, on the other hand, have lost their place in the sun.

We therefore want to take a look at the key stones in WoW: Shadowlands and take a look at which tanks, healers and damage distributors are currently most popular. But one thing is essential: in principle, all classes and playing styles in the mythical plus dungeons are playable and can also successfully complete the highest stones. We take a look at the distribution from level 15 to get a good mix of top players and us normally. For this we fall back on the data from Raider.io.

the most popular tanks in mythical plus dungeons

After there was mostly a tank class in the past season, which was extremely dominant, including the demon hunter or the warrior, this currently looks much more distributed in Shadowland. The protective paladin is quite popular due to its immense and very constant DPS, but many other classes can keep up well. Only the warrior is somewhat popular and little popular due to its weakness.

Protection paladin * – 26.1%
Wächter-Druide – 19.6%
Blood death knight – 17.6%
vengeance demon hunter * – 16.3%
Brewer monk – 13.3%
Protection warrior – 7.1%

If you only look at the distribution on the very high levels (from 25), the death knight passes past all other tanks. Almost a third of all tanks in this area are blood and death knights. This is not only due to the great damage, but above all because it does not need a healer, so to speak, the eternal problem of severe self -healing, which is increasing with increasing damage suffered.

the most popular healers in mythical plus dungeons

For the healers, the distribution is not quite as balanced as with the tanks. However, this is not because a specialization is so popular, but because two specs are so unpopular. Above all, the discipline, which is hardly used in mythical plus dungeons. But the monk is not exactly often represented. Holy priests, restoration druids and restoration shaman, on the other hand, are played approximately as often. The paladins are somewhere in the middle.

Restoration-shaman * – 26.8%
Holy Priest – 23.6%
Restoration-Druide – 23.2%
Heilig-Paladin * – 14.4%
Nebelwirker-monk – 8.2%
discipline priest – 3.7%

The immense strength of the shamans then slowly crystallize on the higher levels, which make up almost half of all healers here. The reason is relatively simple: Restoring shamans do enough healing and can cause healing in large sweaters. All other healers look pretty old against.

It continues on page 2 with the most popular damage divisors!

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Should I buy the game “ominous dead”? – ominous dead overview of the game

Evil Dead: The Game from Saber Interactive is a survival game similar to Left 4 Dead, where survivors should work together to achieve goals. The survivors are faced with a demon player, but they are not invincible. Instead, demons act as masters of dungeons, creating obstacles that players should overcome.

Do not be afraid of ominous dead

In the game, the dead are just a zombie, which are very easy to kill survivors. Although they can irritate one by one, in groups they create problems, which is why the survivors constantly stay together. The developers could unintentively persuade the dead either to more irritating or more powerful, but instead they managed to achieve the perfect balance. The murder of the dead never ceases to bring satisfaction.

The plot missions are good, but they are not as exciting as Survivors vs. Demons. More similar to mini-games, they demand from the players the passage of fragments of history to learn more about knowledge. At first they may seem intriguing, but their attractiveness passes quickly.

Murder with friends or death alone

You can play with AI or online with strangers or friends. This is a great team game. As a person, you feel vulnerable, but this does not mean that it is easy to kill you. Joint work becomes a natural part of the game, and by the end of each match, when the game becomes the most pleasant and tense, you really care about your teammates, including teammates with artificial intelligence. Not many games can do this, but Evil Dead does it every time.

At first, the game for the demon can disorient a little because of its speed, but when you get used to it, it will become very pleasant. You feel that you control the card and everything that happens, and if the survivors reach large control points, the game gives you the opportunity to send the dead everywhere. Despite the fact that at the beginning of each match nothing is heard about them, by the end, demon players become as present as the dead.

The Demon player can finish the match in physical shape to fight with the survivors, and this is just the perfect way to put an end to rivalry.

Evil Dead: The Game — Геймплей | ТРЕЙЛЕР [Озвучка на русском; субтитры]

Great level system and excellent mechanics

The card is quite large, but there are cars everywhere, which complements the card well. Despite its size, the region itself has a very beautiful aesthetics, and players will feel surrounded by evil, even when there is nothing to look at. It seems that a lot of effort has been applied to make the survivors more exciting, but it works here.

As the level increases, demons get more abilities and use them more often, and the survivor system helps them fulfill each task faster. It is very simple to pump the survivors, as you just add glasses to six characteristics. Although you get a little best advantages, such as more health and shield, they can be of great importance in close combat with the dead.

The weapon helps you plunge into the world, but they are so similar in characteristics that you really take only what you like to use. This is normal, since you can find your favorite weapon of any quality, so you can use the one you like the most, regardless of how far you are.

Verdict – buy

The best word for describing the “ominous dead: the game” would be “polished”, because it seems that they worked on all this until it sh1. It is easy to assume that Evil Dead: The Game is the Dead by Daylight clone, but it is very similar to Left 4 Dead. In fact, I would say that it took the formula and made her work in this universe. If you are looking for a game with the aesthetics of Horror, but not related to yourself too seriously, Evil Dead: The Game is your game.

To find out more about Evil Dead: The Game, get acquainted with advice for beginners in Evil Dead The Game here, in the game guides for professionals!

The creators of Girls Frontline 2: Exilium shared new videos on the game

Mica Team shared new videos of continuing the popular Girls ‘Frontline mobile game called Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium.

The developer introduced a new cinematic trailer, a character of characters, demonstrating an improvement in art and animation compared to the previous game, a new demonstration of the gameplay, a video of combat gameplay and a new launcher.

The game takes place in 2070 after the company Grifon, which is engaged in security, was liquidated by the government. Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium has a significantly pumped graphic plan and looks better than the first part. Original Girls ‘Frontline, also known as Dolls’ Frontline in Japan (where it is especially popular) is Free-to-Play Strategy-RPG for iOS and Android, originally released in China in 2016, and then localized for various languages, including English, in 2017-2018.

There is no information about the global release at the moment, but there is practically no doubt in it. The series is loved by many players far beyond the borders of China and JapanMica Team shared new videos of continuing the popular Girls ‘Frontline mobile game called Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium.

Girls' Frontline 2: Exilium - New CG Trailer [2022]
The developer introduced a new cinematic trailer, a character of characters, demonstrating an improvement in art and animation compared to the previous game, a new demonstration of the gameplay, a video of combat gameplay and a new launcher.

The game takes place in 2070 after the company Grifon, which is engaged in security, was liquidated by the government. Girls’ Frontline 2: Exilium has a significantly pumped graphic plan and looks better than the first part. Original Girls ‘Frontline, also known as Dolls’ Frontline in Japan (where it is especially popular) is Free-to-Play Strategy-RPG for iOS and Android, originally released in China in 2016, and then localized for various languages, including English, in 2017-2018.

There is no information about the global release at the moment, but there is practically no doubt in it. The series is loved by many players far beyond the borders of China and Japan.

Chelsea FC: Rüdiger wanted to change last season

The German soccer player Antonio Rüdiger wanted to leave FC Chelsea in his time under coach Frank Lampard towards Paris Saint-Germain.

“I was no longer in the squad. It was said that I should go, which I was never said directly,” said the 29-year-old in an interview with the “DAZN” streaming service for his difficult season 2020/21 at Stamford Bridge. “I was ready to go,” said Rüdiger. His goal: coach Thomas Tuchel and the French series master PSG.

“When it ended up under Lampard, he had relied on me again,” said the defender. At the beginning of 2021 Tuchel took over Lampard’s job. Rüdiger stayed and became a fixed size – and Chelsea won the Champions League under Tuchel in 2021.

The REAL Reason Toni Rudiger Is LEAVING CHELSEA FC

At that time he hadn’t really believed in this triumph. “I couldn’t imagine that, I honestly say that. The last thing we dreamed of was this final,” said Rüdiger.

After five years at the Stamford Bridge, the Berlin native is now moving to Real Madrid. According to a report by the magazine “The Athletic”, the defender signed a four -year contract with the Spanish champion.

His contract with Chelsea expires at the end of the season, he can leave the club free of charge. Tuchel had already confirmed that Rüdiger was going.

This Saturday (5:45 p.m.) Rüdiger meets Chelsea in the FA Cup final in Wembley on FC Liverpool with Jürgen Klopp.

Inspired by Extil, Mechanic Shooting Action, Project Racers

Perhaps when they were young, they once had been in a huge robot that resembled human beings at high speeds and was in a fight with various firearms and energy swords. Of course, different people, and as they get older, the romance may have been peeled off like a pod. But beyond simply seeing the ‘romance’, the desire to own a plastic model or to experience indirectly in the game remains in the heart of the chest and start burning at a moment. Therefore, the mechanics and robots could have remained a media mix for a long time.

There were many such attempts in the game side. At one time in Korea, there were several works that stimulated the romance, including NCsoft’s ‘Xstill’. Unfortunately, the works are not currently found, but they remain in the hearts of various gamers. And the embers who wanted to achieve the dream of the unforced mechanic shooting action were also delivered to other developers. Hae -Sung Lee, CEO of Als Games, who is developing ‘Project Racers’, was one of the people who inherited the embers.

He did not dream of majoring in game development or becoming a game developer from the beginning. But he recalled that he became attracted to the charm as he learned ‘Xstill’ through an acquaintance. “At first, I was hoping for the web design field. But I was introduced to Extil from my acquaintances when I was in school. At that time, I was so shocking and I had to fall in. I started from the Gundam and made a mecha water and changed my major.”“* * Representative Lee Hae -sung unfortunately ended up with the service, and he has dreamed of developing an action shooting game that will save the romance of mechanic while studying game planning.

But the reality was not green. The mechanic action shooting genre was minor in the market, so I was interested and interested, but no one was to be with me. So I tried it by myself, but I faced the limit and took a plan and gathered people again. Finally, a total of four people will be projected.

Lee Hae -sung was in charge of planning and programming, and the team ‘AlS Games’, which consists of one sound team and two artists, has been organized as a business since February 2020 to develop ‘Project Racers’ in earnest. Ray, which means light, and Colossus, which means columnar, made the title name, and continued to develop in the midst of Corona 19. And after a year and a half, it was scheduled to be released in July 2021, but unexpected problems occurred and eventually had to design the code.

** “At first, I recruited a programmer separately, and when the programmer turned to another place and someone else came, the code clashed every time. I realized that the understanding of programming was really important. I started. Even though I couldn’t do it, I knew how the structure was created and accumulated and worked, and I would have left them and had a new one, but I would have been less difficult and less., I studied a new programming and rewritten the frame. I know it will sound like an excuse. I can only say I’m sorry.

▲ The sample video released in March, and since then, we have been working on reinforcement.

Top 3 Nano Technologies
After postponing the launch, improving the code structure as a whole, the system and content were reinforced. We once again maintained the framework of various contents such as single and multiplayer PVEs such as wave defense and boss challenge to prevent enemies from being pushed. Because of the asset production cost, he will focus more on the PVP side for a while, but he added that he is also thinking about content that is cooperated by several people to prevent enemy’s powerful aircraft, such as ‘Boss Raid’.

“It will be released in early May -early June, and at that point, we will introduce seven types of aircraft and then add three more aircraft with the next update. Some of the five parts of the bridge are customized with various parts, and the fun of customizing the aircraft according to their Playstyle has been implemented to some extent. Equipped with the skills, the same aircraft made it possible to play a different play. “

At the site, he has four main weapons (assassin -trickle, long -range rifon, shotgun) and four firepower weapons (energy blasters, missile launchers, multi missiles, bazooka) He demonstrated the in -shield and showed his skills for each weapon. Aiming enemies while starting at high speed, aiming enemies, quickly firing the weapons mounted on each part by left and right clicks, accumulating damage or changing them with melee weapons, and then taking great damage and overpowering them with a skill that caught them with melee weapons. I was able to confirm the practice. He could also be equipped with chips on the equipment to enhance performance or battle in different styles.

Since the release is not long, the remaining concerns are maintenance and updates. It is difficult for four people, and two art teams are also relaxing due to their condition hunting as the Corona 19 situation is prolonged. However, Lee Hae -sung explained that he would take a little longer and step by step after an early access.

“Once we launched early access, we will launch three new aircraft to proceed with the lobby screen or UI improvement first, and if you set up to some extent, we will strengthen the guild or community function in the second stage. It’s only in the current state, but I’ll expand it further and later wipe the foundation for community competitions such as Guild War, and at the end of the formal launch, I want to implement it in an open field form. It’s a form of entering the stage right away, but I want to feel like driving a mechanic in a wider and more vast place. “

In order to achieve that dream, the server was cited as a problem to be solved right now. It was unstable when I rented another server, and the data server and matching server were divided, so even though it seemed to be run normally, there were errors that could not be a response. In addition, it was one of the reasons for the release of the release by the mistake of the server consignment company. So I have been in probation for 10 months after the release of the release. He explained that it was the goal of the second half of this year to build a single server to prevent this problem.

** “This time, I would like to show users at the point of time. It contains the senses and romance of the mechanic shooting action, which defeats various enemy aircraft from the general to the heavyweight and assault level with a unique aircraft. In addition to mentioned now, I have a long -term vision. Usually, if the service is longer and new equipment or chip is added, existing equipment may be eliminated. It was also wiping. It was hard because it was a long and rough road, but I want to continue running to the place where it is hard to reach as it does not end with the release.

The first scripted DLC of Dying Light 2 is delayed

With more than 5 million copies already sold and 5 years of roadmap on the program, Dying Light 2: Stay Human wishes to settle on duration. However, it will be necessary to be patient to taste the first scripted big DLC of the title of Techland.

As the Polish developer indicates all pendants, there will be “Beoin a little more time to develop the first DLC in history, whose release is now scheduled in September. An excuse message, therefore, but Also the desire to meet the expectations of the community by offering the best possible additional content. Remember that the studio has regularly added certain features since the release, such as adding New Game +, a cursor to settle the FOV on consoles, and many improvements for the co-op. The first chapter “in the Footsteps of a Nightrunner will be presented in the current month, without forgetting the photo mode to immortalize the zombies. Beautiful oxymoron.

The new Battlefield 2042 survey asks about rental servers and the spatial editor of Portal

Battlefield 2042 ► Server Browser & Map Editor Could Be Coming!
EA decided to send a new survey on the inveral shooter Battlefield 2042 for some players, in which it asks them to leave reviews about the game and their opinion about future possible functions.

Some of the interesting issues were represented by the user of Reddite Sailboat08, who received an invitation to participate in the mail. He shared two screenshots on which EA asks about rental servers and a new editor for Portal, which allows to make significant changes to the gameplay and the design of the maps.

Unfortunately, although the user shared a link to this survey, but access to it is closed, and therefore other questions remain unknown.

However, as Dice Kevin Johnson, this survey and other similar ones, which are sent only to certain players, claims are not part of the “main reviews”. Therefore, do not hope much that these functions can appear in the future.

Elden Ring crushes CoD Vanguard in sales in the United States

A new report from the NPD Institute has just placed Elden Ring ahead of Call of Duty Vanguard among the best-selling games in the last twelve months of the year. It’s still a small event for the logical continuation of the Dark Souls series and a monstrous record for a new franchise of its kind. Who will stop From Software’s steamroller? Everything indicates that it will be the queen of sales until 2023.

Elden Ring outsells CoD in the US.
Honestly, who would have thought that possible six months ago? The spiritual successor to a famous difficult or impossible series that usually only reaches an informed audience is now doing better in chat than one of the most mainstream series in the history of this medium. That’s crazy and great news because it means From Software’s efforts have paid off, and there’s room for players to experience more radical and exciting experiences (sorry, CoD fans) than xeroxed shooters year after year. Anus.

A disappointing 2021 call
So yes, the sales figures for Elden Ring are imposing, and the fact that they exceed those of an installment in the Call of Duty franchise is even more so. However, it should be noted that Activision’s series is in severe decline, and Vanguard is one of the series’ under-sellers. The game sold less than Modern Warfare or Black Ops: Cold War, relegating it to one of the worst sales records of the entire franchise for a long time.
According to Activision, this loss of interest is due to this work’s World War II context, an outdated theme that did not find its audience. On the player side, it’s not the same: Vanguard is simply a disappointing game that doesn’t meet the quality standards of the best episodes in the series, whether in single-player or multiplayer.

Swiatek with 28th victory in a row to Rome

Iga Swiatek continues to play in her own league a week before the French Open begins. The Tennis World Ranking Lister secured the title at the WTA tournament in Rome with its 28th victory in series. In the final, the Polish defeated the Tunisian Ons Jabeur, successful in Madrid a week ago, after 82 minutes with 6: 2, 6: 2. For Swiatek it was the fifth title in series.

The 20-year-old, who took over the top in the ranking after the resignation of the Australian Ashleigh Barty, has been on the tour for weeks.

Iga Swiatek vs. Victoria Azarenka | 2022 Rome Round of 16 | WTA Match Highlights
After the triumphs in Doha, Indian Wells, Miami and Stuttgart, she treated herself a break in Madrid – and now triumphed in Rome without losing a set. For the second Grand Slam tournament of the year in Paris (from May 22nd), Swiatek is the great favorite, in Roland Garros she won her only major title to date in 2020.

It is still a long way for Swiatek to the best brand for women: In 1984 Martina Navratilova remained unbeaten in a row. In 1989 and 1990 Steffi Graf lined up 66 victories before it was stopped by Monica Seles in Berlin.

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Old Blood Series + Three Kingdoms, A fun title even if you know it

What if the characters of the enthusiastic series appear as a longevity of the Three Kingdoms? On the 35th anniversary of the Ore Blood Series, the Three Kingdoms of the Three Kingdoms of the downtown special Kunio -gun was first released in Japan. In July of this year, it is expected to be launched in Korea under the name of ‘Yeolgyeolsemple’.

Arc Systems Works, which serves the game, released the gameplay on the 14th through the Play Expo Ruricon online broadcast.

The hyeolsemptes can be enjoyed in story mode with Kunio, the protagonist of the passionate series, which appears the story of the Three Kingdoms as Guan Yu. In addition, bonus mode, which focuses on belt scroll action elements, exists so you can follow the story of the Three Kingdoms in depth or simply enjoy with your friends.

Influencer Zeus and Long Panda were demonstrated together at the scene. The bonus mode, which deals with the eggs of the Hwang -gun, is implemented in a form that can check the actions of Ubi, Guan Yu, equipment, and four coaches.

The characters in the game are based on the enthusiastic series, and as well as the history of long -term Samo and Blue Dragon Wall, they fight with their fists instead of the same weapon. However, the character’s characteristics are implemented differently, so the equipment uses several weapons in the game, such as holding weapons and spinning round and round as if they were turning around.

Bonus stages are consisting of 10, and you can play alone, local multi or online up to four people. In story mode, on the other hand, unlike arcade -oriented games, various equipment can be collected and stats can be changed to grow longevity.

Meanwhile, on this day, director Sato Genji appeared as a video and answered the prepared questions.

Q. What are the characteristics of the zul -blooded triangle?

In the zul -blooded triangle, Kunio and familiar enthusiastic series characters appear as a longevity of the Three Kingdoms. In addition, users who know well about the Three Kingdoms series and users who do not know well were prepared to understand the story of the Three Kingdoms.

There is also an indispensable scheme in the Three Kingdoms series. The scheme can be used in various ways, such as attacking enemy characters in the screen, emerging items, and activating stage gimmicks.

Q. Can you enjoy the Three Kingdoms or the Old Blood Series?

We have prepared a bonus mode that can be broken in about an hour so that even those who are not familiar with. The bonus mode is composed of a simple game that images the classic belt scroll game and moves to the right and touches the enemies. Therefore, players who are not familiar with the passionate series or the Three Kingdoms can be easily enjoyed. In this mode, you can play up to four people, so you can play with your friends.

** Q. What did you consider when matching the Three Kingdoms and the enthusiastic series?

When I matched the voice actor and the character in the work, I was concerned about matching the characters that resemble each of the passionate series and the Three Kingdoms.

For example, the main character, Kunio, is a character who is very good at loyalty and is very good at fighting. After thinking about who the character would be, I set it to Guanwoo. Ubi’s Gorda thought that her friendly personality and a rough and rough character fits perfectly with Godai, who can’t dry.

Q. Korean gamers like difficult games, but is there any element to appeal?

In this work, more difficult modes will appear by clearing the game. In the game, there are four difficulty levels, and as the difficulty level goes up, it also contains elements of strong equipment. I hope Korean gamers who like difficult games will challenge the highest difficulty.

Ninja Kidz Movie | Season 1 Remastered

Q. What if you say a word to users?

The 35th Anniversary Series The Great Blood Three Kingdoms is about to be released in July. The game was organized with content that can be enjoyed by those who know or do not know the passionate series or the Three Kingdoms. In addition, we have prepared a mode where you can enjoy your family and friends together.

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